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Civil Engineering Solutions

The civil engineers at SET Consultants have in-depth experience consulting on a wide range of projects across all sectors. We have the capacity to deliver timely, effective civil design solutions to meet the needs of your project and comply with Council requirements.

Our Engineers aim to coordinate the smooth management of your project. We liaise with architects, builders, contractors and government authorities on your behalf, fostering clear communication and effective working relationships.

General Civil Engineering Design & Documentation

We engineer designs for all stages of development and our engineering expertise can be applied to all forms of development including urban and rural subdivisions, single and multi-unit residential development, retirement villages, commercial and industrial developments.

Designs and documentation we undertake include:

  • Concept and feasibility studies;
  • Project cost estimates;
  • Road and drainage design;
  • Bulk earthworks modelling;
  • Driveway and carpark design;
  • Intersection design;
  • Construction supervision and Project Management; and
  • Sewer and water reticulation mains design.

A Flood Impact Assessment is required to support most development on flood-prone land. If a development is proposed upon flood prone land, a Flood Impact Assessment is required to determine if the development would have an effect on the behaviour of or be affected by the 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) flood event.

We are experienced in providing reports such as:

  • Flood studies;
  • Flood constraints assessments; and
  • Development of flood compliance reports.

Most Development Applications (DA) must identify the method of stormwater disposal. Plans, specifications and computations must be provided at both DA and Construction Certificate (CC) stage in order to demonstrate compliance with Council requirements.

Specifically we are experienced in providing:

  • Stormwater drainage designs;
  • Stormwater management plans; and
  • On-Site Stormwater Detention (OSD).
Sustainability and Environmental Engineering

Our Civil Engineers and Environmental Engineers work together to provide a number of services often required as part of the development process.

These include:

  • Soil and water management plans/soil erosion and sediment control designs and plans which detail how erosion and sedimentation will be prevented from leaving the construction site during the works.
  • Water Cycle Management Studies (WCMS) which are required for all development applications within the Sydney drinking water catchment to enable Council and WaterNSW to decide whether your development will have a neutral or beneficial effect on water quality.
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) which is the integration of urban planning and development with the management, protection and conservation of the water cycle as a whole.
  • MUSIC (model urban stormwater improvement conceptualisation) water quality modelling which uses software to simulate rainfall, stormwater runoff and pollution. It also simulates pollution removal and flow reduction through stormwater management systems such as sediment ponds, wetlands, bioretention and harvesting.

Engineering Expertise to Facilitate Quality Outcomes

Our Civil Engineers have a wide range of capabilities and deliver professional and creative solutions to all our clients.